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Our Unified Vocational Secondary and High Senior School was established in its present form in 2008-2009.In the Prefecture of Karditsa it is the unique institution covering students with special educational needs. The Unified Special Vocational Secondary and High Senior School co-exists with the mainstream Vocational School ( EPAL) in the same building. The building is nice and new, well-structured, which is constantly being upgraded by providing students with a warm, nurturing and aspirational learning environment where the specific individual learning needs are fully supported. Our Unified Vocational Secondary and High Senior School adheres to all rules and regulations of the National Curriculum. Experienced Special Educators, Psychologists, Speech therapists, Occupational Therapists, Social workers and the members of auxiliary staff support, assess and help students and their families to confront with social, emotional and mental health problems.

According to the Ministry of Education and the National Curriculum, the total taught time includes six (6) teaching hours per day.

Students who have finished either Primary School or attend Junior High school can enroll in Sofades Unified Vocational Secondary and High School after being assessed by the centres for Differential Diagnosis( K.E.D.A.S.Y). Our students’ transportation is carried by taxis and vans being hired by the Prefecture of Karditsa. Their education requires four years of attendance for secondary school and another four years for Senior High School in order to graduate.

 The Unified Special Vocational High Senior School provides learners with the following courses or opportunities:

Section of Informatics – IT Applications Technician

Computer systems and networks, support for applications, information systems and computer networks

Section of Agriculture – (Farm) Crop Production Technician

Agriculture, Food and Environment specializing in food technology and control, landscape works and environment and modern business-agriculture

Goals and Objectives

The aim of the school is to support and help students who have difficulty in attending mainstream schools due to their learning difficulties. The school’s target is not only to educate students but also to offer them professional specialization as well in one of the available sectors . Beyond their education the school targets up at making them more autonomous ,self-reliant and functional as unique and flexible human beings. All the above can be achieved via the differentiated approaches and teaching methods as well as the use of appropriate teaching methods and the use of digital material and devices.

Secondary School Diploma and Senior High School Diploma equals to the mainstream schools Diplomas.

Our Senior High School graduates are holders of Senior High School Diploma which is equal to mainstream Vocational School (EPAL) Level Four (4), according to the academic department education one has received.

Graduating from our Unified Special Vocational Secondary School and Senior High School one is bound to be fully equipped with the academic qualifications for technical sectors that will enable him with all the qualifications needed in the job market. What is more, only Students with Special Educational needs are considered as a different percentage of citizens in the official Gazette to seek a job.

Translation: Gkavaleka Foteini, English Teacher

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